The Secular Humanist Society of East Texas has formed, not only to be a safe haven for non-believers and secularists, but as an educational and charitable organization.  The SHSET also attempts to remove the stigma that surrounds non-belief in East Texas by making a difference in our community in very visible ways.

There are several ways, you can get involved. We have monthly meetings in Longview where we meet to discuss topics from science and secularism to skepticism and advocacy.  We also use these meetings to plan community service projects and other humanitarian events.  We encourage all members to stay active by participating in meetings and service projects.


Helping those in need

The Secular Humanist Society of East Texas encourages community members to materially support those who are struggling with social, economical, and personal challenges. We are continually looking for specific ways to do that in your community.  Currently the SHSET is considering supporting Habitat for Humanity and feeding the homeless with the Longview Community Ministries.

Keep It Clean

SHSET has officially adopted a stretch of road in Longview through the Texas Adopt-A-Highway program. This is a 2 mile stretch on Eastman Rd that we are proud to keep clean for Longview!


These are just a few things that we will be doing to help out in our community.  Consider becoming a member to be included in planning other events with our group.

Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.
— Kurt Vonnegut, Author

What We've Achieved

  • Keep a 2 mile stretch of highway clean in Longview for the Adopt-A-Highway program
  • Held charity concert benefiting the Women's Center of East Texas
  • Planted a tree to commemorate Earth Day 
  • Blood Drive at Unitarian Universalist
  • Brought in distinguished speakers to feed the intellectually starved of our communities
  • Successfully held the first ever secular convention in East Texas
  • And much, much more to come...